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Everything You Need To Know About Your Eye Health

How much do you know about your eye health? Eye specialists Rosie Gavzey and Professor Winfried Amoaku chat about what can go wrong, and what tests will pick up problems.

The specialists Ophthalmologists: medical doctors who have specialist training. They diagnose and treat eye conditions, and perform eye surgery in hospital.Orthoptists: diagnose and treat vision defects and abnormalities, like squints. Often work alongside an ophthalmologist.Optometrists: examine your eyes for vision problems, and advise, prescribe and fit glasses or contacts.Q I wear contact lenses for short-sightedness, but now need help with reading, too. Are varifocals the only answer? A You could also try wearing a different prescription lens in each eye; one for close and one for distant vision. An optometrist will help identify your ‘dominant’ eye, usually the one used for distance vision. Most people get accustomed to using one eye for close viewing and one for further away, and some wearers find it more effecti…

5 Ways To Avoid Overeating

Just finished a meal, but still want more? You’re not alone. A recent study* found that 65% of us are prone to overeating and snack at least once between meals, with 18% admitting that snacking has become a habit. And it’s not simply greed that has caused the average woman’s waistline to expand over the past 60 years – our busy, modern lifestyles are to blame, too.
“We’ve lost touch,” says Dr Aria Campbell-Danesh, a behaviour psychologist who specialises in overeating and weight management. “The human appetite is designed to regulate the amount of food our bodies need. However, in a society in which we’re bombarded with food advertising and high-sugar foods engineered to promote overconsumption, we’re off-kilter.” It sounds simple but taking our relationship with food back to basics could be the solution. That means three balanced meals a day, enjoyed without distractions. Yet many of us eat just one meal a day. “Family responsibilities, relationships and work demands mean that mealti…

This is why you shouldn’t use the air conditioning in your car

There’s quite a big drawback to it.In some typically hot countries, most houses are equipped with air conditioning, but that’s not the case for every house or country. Cars, on the other hand, are increasingly equipped with air conditioning, something that most people make grateful use of on particularly hot days. It certainly helps you to stay nice and cool, but it also has a big disadvantage. This might even make you want to not turn on your air conditioning… No air conditioning Before we go into that big disadvantage, though, let’s first talk about what you can do to cool down if you don’t have air conditioning in your car or if you don’t want to turn it on. Here are some great tips: Wet washcloths: Hang a few wet washcloths in front of the air blowers in your car. The air that comes out of the blowers will feel a lot cooler.Wet hair: If your hair is wet, your scalp will be able to cool down much better. Your entire body temperature will go down because of this.Ice cubes: Place a sm…

Things to help you turn your grill skills and help you host the perfect barbecue

These tips might help you turn your barbecue into a great success!We love a good barbecue and the season for it has now officially kicked off. When the temperatures are even halfway decent enough for us to go outside and grill some food in the garden, we’re going to do it. We also love inviting over our friends and family to come and join us for a fun barbecue. Do you enjoy a good barbecue as well and would you like to impress your friends with your BBQ skills? Then these seven tips will definitely come in handy!

These barbecue tips will take your grill skills to the next level! 1. Coals To be able to grill, you’re going to need coals. If you’re the type of BBQ-er who spreads out the coals over the entire grill, we’re here to tell you that that is your first big mistake. It’s much smarter to use different zones. By working with hot and cold zones on your barbecue, you can place a piece of meat that isn’t done yet on the inside but is starting to get really brown on the outside on a co…

Reason why you should add mustard to your bath water

Mustard in your bath? It sounds strange, but here’s why you should do it!We love a good squeeze of mustard on our hotdog or sandwich! A lot of people love mustard while others don’t want anything to do with it because of the specific, slightly strange, taste. However, the trick we’ve got for you today doesn’t have anything to do with eating. In fact, even though you might not like mustard, this trick could make it worth your while to go out and buy a bottle! Mustard is much more useful than you might have thought! Romans Mustard has been around for a long, long time. The Romans already used it a lot way back when and it is still a common food product in modern times as well. Not only do many people think it’s a tasty addition to a lot of food, but it also has great health benefits, as opposed to mayonnaise and ketchup, which are much more unhealthy. Did you know, for example, that mustard can help soothe a sore throat? Mix one tablespoon of mustard seeds with a tablespoon salt, tables…

never ignore these 6 types of stomach pain

Some types of stomach pain deserve a little more attentionEverybody has a stomach ache from time to time. Oftentimes you can find out the cause yourself and you don’t have to worry about it – it will pass. Maybe you’ve eaten something a little iffy, or you’re on your period. Yet there are a couple of types of stomach pain you shouldn’t ignore. If you’re experiencing one of the following types of pain you should contact your doctor.
Some types of pain don’t just pass on their own… 1. Long term pain that doesn’t go away For every type of stomach pain that lasts longer than three months, you should definitely go to the doctor. Do you have other symptoms besides the pain, like ongoing diarrhoea or obstipation? Or do you feel full after only a few bites of dinner, often feel bloated or gassy after dinner or experience the pain mostly after dinner? Then the pain might be caused by a number of different conditions: from irritable bowel syndrome to lactose intolerance or something more serio…